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Victoria Morales Esq.
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Families are deep in debt

American households are deeply in debt. Total credit card debt as of December 2013 was $856.8 billion. It reached $925 billion in September of 2015. This is approximately 6% of GDP. What is the meaning of this large figure? Approximately half of the families in the U.S. have outstanding credit card debt. This is 55 billion families owe on the average $15,799. According to statistics published by the Federal Reserve and other agencies 56% of consumers carried an unpaid credit card balance in the last 12 months before the date of the study. For many families, credit card payments take a big chunk of their income. On the average 13.9% of consumer income goes to pay credit card debt. Miami is the city with the highest consumer debt as a percentage of yearly salary: 22.61% of yearly salary is owed to credit card companies.

One full hour of free consultation

Make an appointment with me. I will sit with you for an hour of initial consultation, where we will go extensively over your whole situation and predicament, free of charge. I will explain to you all the requirements and consequences of different strategies. I will tell you for which strategy you qualify. The free consultation does not put you under any obligation to me. You are free to get other opinions, and decide after you have shopped around.

My qualifications and experience

I earned a Juris Doctor degree from the Florida International University (FIU) College of Law in December of 2011. I was admitted to practice law to The Florida Bar, becoming an attorney at law in September of 2012, and I have been practicing law and handling foreclosure defense, loan modifications, consumer debt settlements, agreements with the IRS, and bankruptcy proceedings since then. Before that, I was a bankruptcy paralegal for six years in Florida. After several years of being a paralegal, in 2008 I decided to go the extra mile, and entered law school.